Preserving Land and Protecting Habitats: Public Park Districts Deserve Our Support

Preserving land and protecting the habitat of threatened species is a magnificent investment in the future. One of the best ways to do this is to support our local parks and preserves. Public park districts especially deserve our support. It is imperative that we have protected places where the public can appreciate the peace and beauty of nature. Public Parks are often the only places where people have the opportunity to contemplate their personal role as a part of a natural system. It is well documented that children thrive when they have the opportunity to get out in the woods. Public Parks provide that opportunity.

Improved quality of life, better health for residents and cleaner air and water are all benefits of preserved land. Wetlands help to absorb rain water and allow it to percolate deep into the aquifer. In addition to keeping our wells supplied, this helps to prevent erosion and flooding, which are incredibly costly. Wetlands also act as the lungs and kidneys of an ecosystem, filtering out pollutants and providing oxygen. Wetlands protected within parks and preserves in Northeastern Ohio equal a healthier Lake Erie, which has an enormous impact on the economic health and vitality of the entire region.

Parks and preserves are home to rare, threatened plants and animals. Which are not only fascinating in their own right, but who knows which species could be the lynch pin of our interlocking ecosystem, or the cure for some disease. Please take every opportunity to protect these treasures which will enrich our future. Support your local parks and preserves!

Kathryn Hanratty, President
The Native Plant Society of Northeastern Ohio